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Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again, time to get working on some good fall cleaning! Full home cleaning can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to start. I mean, you know that the house needs to be cleaned and cleaned out but what is the best “plan of attack”? Well, we just finished with fall cleaning here. My house feels wonderfully clean and I even had a rummage sale with all of the stuff I cleaned out! (Am I the only one that can’t “start” winter until my house is clean? Or is that the ocd in me just coming out?)

Here are some of my best fall cleaning tips that help us keep our sanity during this time of year!

1. Remember that fall cleaning (and household cleaning in general) can save you money!

While you clean out, don’t forget to make piles for throwing away and donating. Throwing away clutter will help make your life more organized and streamlined which saves you money in the long run. Donating or selling items can bring you a little extra income or an income tax deduction. And make sure you grab some organizational totes to store what you are keeping! When I am cleaning I also try and label things that I’m putting away. It doesn’t do me much good to pack up boxes of things I want to keep and then not know what is in them.

2. Don’t try to do it all at once!

Start in one room and work your way through the house. Also, don’t think you need to have it all done in a single day! Plan a good week for your cleaning. If you are really ambitious you can even create some kind of daily cleaning schedule to help you get through the week. Here are some ideas and free printable weekly planner templates. I like to do this deep cleaning at least 4 times of year, once per season instead of just fall and spring. This means I have less to work on each time to do m so it feels less overwhelming.

3. If you aren’t going to have the time and you can afford it, think about hiring a maid service or a housecleaner for a few hours.

You might not think this tip is very good but if it’s more profitable for you to spend your time working or doing something else then by all means, spend a little to save your time and sanity. Besides, a house cleaner may not be as expensive as you think. Many freelance home cleaners are very affordable. Just make sure they come with references.

4. Don’t stress too much. Remember you will have to do it all again come spring cleaning time! (Or more often if you choose to deep clean 4 times a year instead of 2 like we do.)

To help you on your fall cleaning journey, I’ve created a handy printable checklist of things that should be done inside your home this fall. Just enter your email below to grab your free checklist printable.

Of course, don’t forget that you can save even more (and keep the chemicals out of your home!) by making your own cleaners! And did you know that you can clean your bathroom with just a grapefruit? So simple!

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