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  • Caroline Biggs

10 Tiny Details that Really Up Your Organization Gam

When it comes to housekeeping, a little effort can truly go a long way. That's why it pays to mind the details when you're organizing all of your home's unsightly stuff. Small things that might seem insignificant—think: box labels, basket lids, and table skirts—can actually make a world of difference when you're putting together your place. If you take the time to smartly conceal all of your apartment's clutter, you'll end up looking equal parts stylish and organized. So read on for ten teeny tiny details that still manage to do some serious work for your space.

1. A Lid on the Hamper

Believe it or not, putting a lid on your laundry basket can be a game changer for scoring a more put-together pad. Not only does it cheaply cover up all of your dirty clothes, it turns an otherwise unattractive accessory into something a little more streamlined.

2. Storage Boxes

Funny how something as simple as a storage box can make such major impact when organizing your place. Canvas bins, gift boxes, and other cute containersdon't just look great—they hide all your keepsakes and hardly cost a thing.

3. A Table Skirt

Throw a fun table skirt on just about any ole end table and voila!—you have a whole new storage unit that definitely doesn't look the part. Even better, run to your fave fabric store and local tailor to customize your own.

4. Door-Fronted Furnishings

Whenever possible, opt for furniture with doors when you're choosing television stands, armoires or cabinets—they'll do an ace job of visually decluttering your space. Much like a miniature junk closet, you can stockpile everything from your electronics to your unmentionables, and no one will ever know what's really behind closed doors.

5. Cord Organizers

An oft overlooked but insanely chic way to conceal unattractive cords are cable hideaways. Available online and at most hardware stores, cable organizers help cover up unsightly wires without sacrificing an ounce of style.

6. Bed Risers

A quick way to create additional storage space is to buy set of bed risers. Used to elevate everything from your bed frame to your sofa, you'll have extra room for stashing eyesores in no time.

7. Key Hooks

Looking for an easy way to keep your entryway organized and your keys in check? Key hooks can work wonders for your foyer and your morning routine without ever breaking your budget.

8. Multi-Tasking Furniture

Take the time to invest in a furnishings that pull double duty—storage ottomans, sleeper sofas, and beds with built-in drawers—and you'll end up with more space and seating.

9. A Box that Hides your Mail

No need to waste your time on anything wall-mounted, medium-sized storage box will hide most of your snail mail nicely; just don't forget to pay your bills!

10. Space Saver Bags

You'd be surprised at how much you can actually squeeze under your bed or inside in your closet when you use remove oxygen from the equation. Pick up a few quality vacuum-sealed bags to store your unused clothes and linens and you'll save tons of space while protecting them from mold and dust mites.

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