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5 Common Cleaning Mistakes You Should Stop Making

I understand that cleaning up your home might not be your favorite hobby. However, I do not need to stress to you the importance of keeping your home clean. Apart from being one way of keeping yourself healthy, it is also a measure of avoiding eviction in some parts of the country. Nobody wants a dirty house so I am here to highlight some of the common cleaning mistakes you’re probably making leaving you disappointed.

What are the Common Cleaning Mistakes?

I have been writing blogs and giving lectures regarding the importance of cleaning your house the right way. In that case, I have the experience and expertise needed out what is right and what is wrong when it comes to cleaning your home. Here are the common mistakes that most people do:

1. Wrong arrangement of your utensils during cleaning

I understand that many people want their utensils to look organized after cleaning. They therefore arrange the plates facing one side and the spoons one on top of another. While this is not at all a bad idea of getting your utensils organized, some arrangements prevent them from being very clean. Take an example of putting one spoon on top of another. When you do this, the spoons end up “spooning” meaning they will not be as clean as they first were. My advice is always being careful when arranging your utensils for maximum cleanliness.

2. Procrastinating Cleaning Jobs

I know of many people who put off a simple cleaning job just because they are in a hurry. They cannot do the simplest of cleaning tasks such as wiping up the jelly that fell in the flour just before they left the house. This makes the jelly to stick on the floor making it hard to clean when one is “ready” to clean the house. I recommend that you clean up any form of simple dirt as soon as you notice it. I think it is easier to use up thirty seconds to clear the jelly on your floor rather than spend thirty minutes to remove the same stuck jelly after sometime.

3. Starting the Cleaning Process at the Wrong end of the Room

In my experience, I have seen people taking more time than they should when cleaning up the house just because they started from the end wrong of the room. I recommend that before starting the cleaning process, remove everything that is out of place and return them to their appropriate positions. Begin cleaning from the top of the room working to the lower sides. Clean all the parts carefully so that you do not have to redo the process.

4. Cleaning on a Day with the Wrong Weather

Yes, the weather on the day that you are cleaning your house also matters. For instance, if you are planning to clean your windows, doing so on a sunny day is a wrong idea. From my experience, cleaning your windows on a sunny day will result in the glasses drying up much quicker cause streaks on the panes. In that case, the appropriate time to conduct such a task is during late evenings or early mornings when there is no sunlight.

5. Wrong Treatment of Liquid stains on the Carpet

Treating the liquid stains on a carpet superficially is also a common mistake that you’re probably doing. Even though scrubbing stains like pet urine, red wine and coffee is a faster way of getting rid of the dirt, I can tell you the process is not as effective in the end. The whole point of cleaning your carpet is removing all the stains including the underlying ones. Simply scrubbing your carpet will not make you achieve this. I suggest that you use a dry towel to sop up the liquid from the carpet as soon as you notice the spill. Step on the towel if possible to allow further absorption of the liquid. Apply a stain remover on the affected area and repeat the process.

6. Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

Another common mistake that you are probably making is using the wrong cleaning products. Using cleaning agents that are less effective means that some dirty will be left on the surface that you are cleaning therefore beating the whole logic of the cleaning process in the first place. To avoid this, read the labels on the cleaning agents carefully. This will help you figure out if the agent is suitable for the job or otherwise. Also, make sure that you are using clean washing tools at all times.


Even though cleaning is not a hobby that everyone would like, it is an unavoidable one. In this article, I have addressed some of the most common cleaning mistakes that you are probably making. I hope the tips have been helpful as I strive to make more people aware of the impacts that the little things we ignore have on our society.

Kindly leave a comment below regarding the article. I am Looking forward to hearing from you and your thoughts.

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