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5 Things To Consider when Cleaning Doormats

5 Things To Consider when Cleaning Doormats

What would we do without doormarts? They welcome our guests and offer them a place to wipe their feet as they enter the house. Our feet bring in the vast majority of dirt into our homes. Thanks to the doormat, we leave all the filth on it on the outside. In most instances, the doormat appears dirtier than the eyes can see. How do we take care of doormats considering all the beating that they take from our dirty shoes and feet?

Cleaning your mat is crucial on a regular basis. Without the doormat, all the dirt, filth, and debris would find its way into our homes. What are five things to consider when cleaning doormats? What tips and tricks will make the cleaning fast, efficient, and less stressful?

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Doormat?

Cleaning your doormat will take about 15 minutes even with the most basic ingredients. However, certain aspects might make the cleaning process take a long time such as stubborn stains and odors. If you clean your doormat regularly, it will only take a short time to the work.

5 Things To Consider when Cleaning Doormats

What are some of the things one should consider while cleaning the doormats? Here are a few tips that will make the cleaning easy and fast.

Cleaning Agents

The amount of dirt on your mat will determine the cleaning materials you will need. Some of the most common basic ones include a dish soap/detergent, garden hose, and a vacuum cleaner. Other alternatives include baking soda/vinegar, scrub brush/broom, and a cloth depending on the preferred cleaning technique. You might find that require more advanced cleaning agents if there are any stubborn stains or odors on your mat.

The material of the mat also influences the cleaning technique. Rugs with nitrite rubber backings are washing machine friendly. All you need is a little detergent and tumble dry. Some mats will need a little rinse with a garden hose. Others will need some brush action to get out the entire gunk. However, always vacuum before cleaning the doormat.

How Often Will You Do The Cleaning?

How often do you clean your doormat?

Daily: You can shake out the dirt on the mat and sweep it as you clean the porch. Shaking helps removes any dirt and dust that had lodged into your mat. Smack the mat against the wall or a strong outside surface to kick out all the dust and debris. Alternatively, you can use small vacuum cleaner once in a while.

Weekly: You can dedicate one day of the week to clean your doormat, for instance, after mowing the lawn. Smack it against the wall to dislodge all the dirt and debris. Use vinegar or baking soda to remove any odor. You can also choose to vacuum clean once in a week.

Monthly: The doormat accumulates dirt daily, and by the end of a month, it has gathered enough dirt. Shaking or smacking it against the wall might not get rid of all the dirt. During this time, carefully inspect your mat for any stains or smells. If it is too dirty, clean it and allow it to dry completely. Vacuuming is an option too. Baking soda is perfect for removing stubborn odors, and a mild soap solution will get rid of some of the stains.

Seasonally: It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The good news is that most outdoor mats require a simple rinse with a garden hose. Use a mild soap solution on the tough stains. Some mats will need seasonal cleaning so that they retain their shape. During the wet and rainy season, vacuum your mat regularly to avoid ruining your floor.

Choosing The Right Doormat

Imagine having a mat that does not hold the moisture in winter? It will cause the mold and mildew to grow. Choose the right rug for the right season. Go for high –quality, easy –to clean, and durable mats. It will also reduce the cleaning time and effort. For instance; the outdoor mats are exposed to extreme weather elements that may damage their quality.

Life-Saving Cleaning Hacks

For starters, always give your mat some good shake. Slap it against the wall to dislodge all the dirt. Vacuuming is the second step. It helps remove any dirt left during the “shaking up” stage. If your mat is too thick, you can use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment.

Does your ma have a funky smell? Baking soda gets rid of the smell in ten minutes or less. A stain remover gets rid of any stubborn stains. Allow the baking soda to sit on the mat for a while before vacuuming it.

The last step is cleaning the doormat according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Do not machine-wash a mat that requires hand washing or hose rinsing at any cost. Always read the label and avoid using harsh cleaning agents that will damage the quality of the mat.

Other maintenance tips

Replace any threadbare mats or those that are worn out. For starters, worn-out mats will not trap any dirt. Disinfect the mats before you vacuum them. Always ensure that mat is completely dry before placing back on the floor. Damp mats trap moisture which causes mold and mildews. Lastly, find a mat that fits both fits, especially for adults. It helps keeps all the dirt on the mat and reduces transfer to the house. It is also perfect for pets that might bring some dirt and grime back to the house, thanks to their paws.


The doormat plays a vital role whether in a home or commercial setting. Clients and guests will dust off their feet which minimize the chance of bringing dirt into the house. Sadly, few people pay attention to the conditions of the doormats. Doormats are easy to clean. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation though. Sweep and vacuum them on a regular basis. Also, replace any worn-out mats for best and effective performance.

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