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  • Elke Keeley

Dusting hacks for difficult-to-clean spaces & objects

Every home has areas that are difficult to reach and clean. As a result, they’re promptly placed into the too-hard basket to be dealt with later.

We all know the places: Room corners, ceiling fans, tops of doorways, and even toys. However, as dirt and dust builds up, your overall home cleanliness is affected and becomes a health hazard for those suffering from allergies.

There is an easier way. Simply follow these easy hacks for dusting, and you’ll keep small and hard-to-reach places dust-free for longer.

Hack #1: Picture frames & cabinet tops

Firstly, ditch the feather duster. This classic cleaning piece looks the part but is useless, as you need to gather the dust and not just push it around.

Instead, use a microfibre cloth or mitt to gently wipe around your picture frames. For the cabinet tops, wrap a microfibre cloth around a broom head and secure tightly with a rubber band. Now you can easily reach the top surface and the microfibre material acts as a magnet attracting dust as you swipe.

Hack #2: Ceiling fans

Instead of balancing on a bed or stool aimlessly waving a vacuum extender around, try this cool tip to get your fans shining again.

Lightly spray the inside of an old pillow case with your usual household cleaner, cover the full blade, then slowly slide back pressing down on the upper side. The pillow case wipes clear the surface and collects any dust that falls.

Hack #3: Electronics & window tracks

Cleaning gel (looks like kids’ glow-in-the-dark slime) is perfect for electronics, such as your remote control and keyboard, window tracks, and even your car. Simply press it onto the area, then slowly unpeel. It will pick up crumbs, dust, and more. Best of all – you can squish it back into shape and reuse.

Hack #4: Trinkets & toys

Ever avoided cleaning around your kids’ toys in fear of sucking up loose Lego or a crucial small part? Here’s your solution:

Grab an old pantyhose and cut off the foot section (ankle length like a sock). Slide it down over the nozzle of the extender attachment on your vacuum and secure with a rubber band, making sure the panty hose is tight over the nozzle.

You’re now set to do battle with areas filled with small pieces, as the pantyhose acts as the barrier while the suction pulls out the dust. This is also ideal for dusting around cords lying behind the entertainment unit.

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