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5 Ingenious Fixes For The Weird Smells In Your Home

You deal with enough sh*t already

No matter how often you clean, bad smells happen. There's no shame in it. Maybe it's those leftovers you relegated to the back corner of the fridge for far too long, or your husband got into that going-sockless-with-dress-shoes trend ... at the cost of your closet's typical, Tide-fresh scent. And, since there is more to life than spending every minute meticulously scrubbing every surface of your home, sometimes you need a little help keeping those odd corners of your house smelling so fresh and so clean, clean. Until you can actually clean.

You know the basics — spray air fresheners, baking soda, even Anthropologie's candle-layering hack — but if you aren't investing in these five musts, you better get on that, stat. Your nose, and your free time, will thank you.

1. In Your Bathroom

It's no wonder Poo-Pourri's consistently one of Amazon's bestsellers — you spritz it in the toilet bowl before you go to the bathroom, so you never have to deal with awful smells in the first place. Now, if only you could convince those family members who'll never put down the seat to do this, too...

2. In Your Closet (Or Attic, Or Basement)

Every locker room in America needs one of these hanging bags, let alone that musky corner of your basement, attic, and closet. Each pack lasts 60 days, sucking up excess moisture in the area and cutting out that damp stench.

3. Wherever You Store Your Shoes

Going sockless is trendy right now, but it can also mean your closet — or, let's be real, that big pile by the front door — can start to S-M-E-L-L. Even if you wear no-show socks religiously. Arm & Hammer's new shoe spray gets rid of those smells, and the tilted nozzle makes it easy to spritz the entire soles of your sneakers.

4. In Your Bedroom

With more than 1,200 five-star reviews, Levoit's Hepa-filter air purifier is one of Amazon's bestsellers. It's gotten rave reviews for getting rid of cigar and cigarette smells from people's houses and clearing out allergens, though some say it's a little noisy to run at night, if you're a light sleeper.

5. In Your Kitchen

You could take out the trash every single day, but if the bag's not full, why bother? These bags are infused with Febreze — and very Jetsons-sounding OdorShield Technology — so you can skip a day or two, live your life, and not deal with playing the "What's that smell?" game.

*this article has been written by CANDACE BRAUN DAVISON to the website called house beautiful. Here is the link to the full articles:

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