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  • Lou Velle Mariano

6 Tips for a More Organized Home in 2018

Aside from cleaning or doing other household chores, keeping your home organized is one major task many homemakers feel passionate about. It may seem to be a time-consuming task, but come to think of it, messy surroundings actually slow you down every day. If your New Year's resolution involves maintaining an orderly house, here are tips on how you can be more organized this coming year:

Organizing your entryway

The first thing that our family and guests will see when they come by is our entryway. Have a dark-colored welcome mat on both sides of the door to conceal dirt and stains. Put a shoe organizer where guests can park their footwear. You can also place a key rack near the door for easy access, and a few hooks to hold rain gear and umbrellas.

Organizing your bedroom

Your day begins and ends in your bedroom, so keeping it organized is a must to prevent clutter and mess from accumulating.

Change the sheets of your bed regularly and try to avoid eating inside your bedroom. In your closet, go over your clothes and remove those that don’t fit you anymore, or which you haven’t worn for a long time. You can also organize your clothes by color, by category, or by season.

Organizing your kitchen

The kitchen area might be the busiest place at your house that’s why it is important to keep it organized and clean always. Keep your countertops clean to have extra space to work on. Maximize the space in your cabinets by storing your kitchenware properly and grouping the same items.

Organizing your refrigerator

Avoid stains on your shelves by lining them with easy-to-clean mats. Group perishables to avoid food wastage and keep things in place by putting baskets and labels. In order to prevent unwanted drips, keep the meat and seafood on the bottom shelves. Lastly, use clip binders to stack soda cans and beers properly.

Organizing your shower area

Place non-skid mats on the floor to avoid accidents, and keep your shower doors and curtains clean by wiping them regularly. Also, leave your every day essentials on the counter such as hand soaps, and toothbrushes, and use your shower’s wall space to hang an organizer for your shampoos and soaps.

Organizing your storage room

Having a storage room or bodega gives us an extra place to put all the things that we do not need at the moment. Create an inventory and write down all the contents of each box on a piece of paper to keep track on your own things. Place the heavy items at the bottom and group the similar items together so that you can easily locate them whenever you need to.

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