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Mrs Clean's Favorite House Cleaning Tips

The truth is that if you want to keep your house spic and span, it all starts with a little planning and the right tools. Think of cleaning as a battle... It’s you against the dirt and grime. Mrs. Clean is here to help you organize your own troops for house cleaning and face the dirt head on.

Concentrate on Just One Room:

For many people, the biggest obstacle towards getting their house sparkling clean is losing motivation halfway through the cleaning process. If you start out washing all the windows in your home and move on to cleaning all the carpets, you may end up with a few clean areas before you finish cleaning. Unless you have blinders to put on your guests or can otherwise force them to only look at clean areas while avoiding the dirt and grime in others, this is not going to work.

Instead, start with one room, clean it completely and then work your way through your home. Once you have one room clean, you’ll realize how much more pleasant it is to sit in a room free of chaos, and you’ll be more motivated to finish the rest.

Start at the Top and Work your Way Out:

You may think that starting with the easy tasks that you actually enjoy is the right way to get your house spic and span. However, if you begin with vacuuming carpets and move on to dusting those high up shelves, you’ll just be sullying your freshly cleaned carpets with dirt and grime. Start at the top, shake things down, and leave the vacuuming for last and vacuum from the back of the room to the door. This way you're not trampling over the nice clean carpet.

Something else you should consider doing when vacuuming, at least every few months, is to use the cleaning wand on your vacuum and clean along the carpet edge and the trim around the room. You'd be surprised at how much stuff gets trapped there.

Have the Right Cleaners on Hand:

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars buying professional mops and cleaners to get the job done. On the other hand, you can’t do it all with a bucket of water and an old rag. A few heavy duty sponges will go a long way. Just be sure you separate sponges by their use. You may have a cleaner on one sponge that is not acceptable to another surface you clean.

Know the surfaces you have in your home and use the right cleaners for each surface. For instance, you would never use vinegar on marble or stone it will damage it eventually causing irreparable damage or very costly fixes from a professional. But a vinegar and water mix can be used to clean a wood floor.

Your Cleaning Tote Should Contain:

  • Cleaning rags and sponges

  • Dry cleaning cloths (for wiping down surfaces after cleaning)

  • Cleaners specific to the surfaces you're cleaning.

  • Duster

You could also keep specific cleaning items upstairs in a closet and downstairs as well. This way your tote won't get so stuffed with cleaning products it makes it awkward to carry.

Make Sure You’re Not Doing More Damage Than Good:

Certain things in your house might have special needs. For example, you don’t want to just begin cleaning wooden furniture without feeling confident that it’s not going to damage it. Check the cleaners you’re using to ensure they’re safe on the surfaces you intend to clean them with. If you’re still unsure, clean a very small area that can’t be seen and then wait a few hours. If there doesn’t appear to be damage, you’re probably good to go. Remember – the old adage, “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet,” doesn’t apply when it comes to the antique hope chest you inherited from your grandmother.

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