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This article is meant to decide if you should hire a professional or do the cleaning yourself for mo

What is the property owner expecting you to do after you leave? Find out by talking to the right people. You may get a white glove inspection from a property owner who expects the unit or space to be ready for new tenants immediately. If this is the case and you have a deposit on the line until it passes inspection, a professional cleaning crew is a good decision.

What Does Your Move Out/Move In Timeline Look Like?

The real cleaning can’t start until the unit is empty and it can take a day or day to get a place empty. Will have time to move all of your things to the new place and then spend 2-3 hours or more cleaning it after it is empty. If not, then a professional cleaner should be used. They have the know how and the tools to get in and clean as quick as possible.

Do You Have the Cleaning Supplies and Equipment to Get the Space Clean?

Will you have to buy supplies and equipment to get the job done? Will you then have to hull these supplies and equipment to the new location? Do you have the space to move them after you’re finished? These are all things that need to be weighed in your decision to hire a professional maid service to clean your space.

Do You Want to Clean?

Moving is a big job and the cleaning has to happen after you’ve moved everything out. Are you going to be in the right condition physically and mentally to then clean before you leave? Do you have the know how and the time to get the spots under the oven clean, inside the refrigerators, and the stovetop burners clean? Do you know how to clean the blinds and light fixtures? You want to make sure you’re up to the task so you can get your deposit back or not be fee’d to death! If this all sound like a big hassle that has your head spinning, then hire a professional cleaner who has the tools and knowledge to clean well enough to get your deposit back. Professional cleaners know what property owners will be looking for in their inspections and know how to tackle serious dust, dirt, grease, and grime.

Don’t Forget the Carpets!

Carpet cleaning requirements will be outlined in most lease agreements. Many rentals will require a professional carpet cleaning when you leave and my even require that you present them a receipt before returning your deposit. Make sure to check your lease agreement! If you need a professional cleaner then make sure to book early to get better rates in most cases.

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