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Commercial Cleaning: Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean & Professional

The New Year can be a perfect time to start good, new habits. In previous posts (see A Clean Office Is… or Keeping Your Business Clean), the benefits of a clean office have been introduced, from increasing employee productivity and morale to improving customer perceptions. Whether you manage your office cleaning or simply organize your office and leave the more time-consuming tasks to office cleaning services, keeping your office clean can give you a workplace that you can be proud to call the face of your business. By following our tips on how to clean your office, you can make keeping your office clean easy.

Storage of Documents. This task can seem daunting. The key to keeping your office clean from clutter is properly storing your companies many documents. One strategy is to digitalize as many documents as possible. Electronic documents do not take up physical space. The ideal of a paperless office is strong, but a December 8, 2013 Los Angeles Times reports that it is also a slow process. In the meantime, have a system for maintaining physical files and be diligent about always using them. If your office is dependent on paper, then you should have a strong system for properly storing them.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk. Eating at your desk is unhealthy. Not only is your desk not sterile in the same way that an environment for eating should be, but it can also be damaging to your mental and physical health. Psychologist Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli claims that you need the change of space that a lunch break affords you is important for your well-being. To keep your mind and desk both clear, be sure to eat your lunch at the designated area.

Keep Desks and Counters Clean. Clutter is the greatest obstacle to keeping your office clean. Make sure that all workspaces, including desks and counters, are kept as clear as possible. You also want to regularly sanitize these spaces. According to Dr. Toby Smithson of the America Dietetic Association, the average desk has over 400 times more bacteria (including E.coli and salmonella) than the average toilet seat. Your desk needs to be disinfected daily. It must be clear of clutter and cleaned of bacteria.

Clean Computers and Electronic. Keeping your electronics clean can improve the life and function of your office. Make sure to dust the outside of all electronic equipment. You also want to have a technician clean the inside of this equipment as well. Computer expert Shawn Knight recommends using a dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust. (Do not use any liquids or vacuum equipment.) Remember, just because you cannot see the dirt does not mean that it does not exist.

Garbage and Recycling Bins. You want to regularly empty all garbage cans and recycling bins. To prevent garbage bins from stinking and keeping your office clean, you should designate specific bins in the office for collecting food and drink containers. Dr. Sondra Ugne claims that food begins to rot almost immediately and can attract gnats and flies as quickly. These containers should be emptied every day. The remaining bins should be emptied when they begin to fill.

Cleaning Common Areas. Keeping your office clean can be most difficult in the common areas. The key to office cleaning the common areas is delegation. A schedule and a system can be the key to making sure that the spaces that are shared are also treated as a shared responsibility. Clearly articulate the rules for keeping this space clean and stay consistent with them.

Put Yourself in the Client’s Shoes. Walk through your office with the eyes of your customers. This can be a task that you give to your employees. You can have employees walk through other departments with the critical eye of an employee. Not only will you better know how to clean your office, it will give your employees a chance to participate in keeping your office clean and interact with other departments.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company. A busy schedule or large office are no reason for not keeping your office clean. Perhaps the New Year is the time to start with a new business and hiring a professional cleaning company for your office cleaning. A professional cleaning company could be the key to maintaining a clean and professional workspace.

If you need more information about a professional Commercial Cleaning Company, contact EHC.

Given the high cost of a dirty office, you cannot afford not to keep your office clean. These tips on how to clean your office will surely make your office, and your New Year, a brighter place.

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