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  • Andie Powers

10 Tips & Tricks for Keeping a Small Space Clean

If you live in a small space, you know that it's tough to keep it clean from day to day. Smaller spaces just seem to collect more unwanted clutter, dirt and dust! Why is that? Well if you're a clean freak like me, take a look at some of these tips to keep your small space sparkling every day...

1. Declutter.

This is rule number one for a reason! If you don't love or use an item—why do you still have it? Ditch the clutter and free up space. Open spaces appear more clean, and bonus—you don't have to dust as many things!

2. Clean as you go. Have a tiny kitchen?

Make sure your dish washer or sink is clear before cooking and drop dishes in the washer and hand wash as you cook. That way, all you have to clean at the end of the meal is the pots and dishes you ate on! Moving from the living room to the bedroom at night? Fluff those pillows, straighten your things and place things back where they go. The next morning, you'll thank yourself for the clean room.

3. Don't buy things you don't need. Refer to rule number one—if you don't love it or use it, then why do you have it? Keep clutter to a minimum.

4. Rely on smaller furniture pieces with ample storage space. If you just can't get rid of some of your "stuff" find a way to store them away in cabinets, or double-duty furniture. That way, you'll have less to dust when you clean.

5. Clean five minutes a day. Straighten the kitchen during the commercial break. declutter your desk by tossing mail and trash the minute you walk in the door. Put your shoes and outdoor items away when you get home. All of these little five minute increments add up to a cleaner home.

6. Invest in an air filter or ceiling fan. Dust settles on everything, but an air filter or ceiling fan may circulate air and keep your small space a bit cleaner.

7. The Magic Eraser: this is your small space cleaning BFF. Generic or name brand, cleaning erasers have the power to get up just about any stain and make surfaces look great. Watch out though—these erasers can even take off paint!

8. Take early steps toward cleanliness. Buy good cleaning supplies with pleasant aromas that you like, and grab a good, organizational hamper to make laundry easier and to eliminate those dirty clothes that end up on the floor.

9. Designate a day each week as your "cleaning day." This is the day you vacuum the floors, couch, change bed sheets, towels, clean the bathroom, dust and wipe down counters with disinfectant.

10. Designate a day each month or quarter for your "deep cleaning day." This is the day you really scrub—grout, drains, the ceiling above your stove, hidden areas under furniture, the works! I also like to use this day to change toothbrushes, razors, toss old makeup or soaps I'm not using, vacuum the mattresses, change the Brita filter, etc. This way, your weekly clean isn't a true workout because your deep clean took care of the nasty.

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