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Meet Jon, the owner of Spotless Cleaning & Maid Service.

Growing up in the greater New York/New Jersey area, Jon Dean started off with an entrepreneurial mind set and excelled in the real estate industry, serving both the Hoboken and Jersey City neighborhoods. After quickly realizing the area was in need of a reliable, professional and comprehensive cleaning company to serve its residents, Jon took a leap of faith and opened 'Spotless Cleaning and Maid Service' and has been, as the company's slogan fittingly states, "Keeping it Clean Since 2006." He has always believed that the work his company does is important, and that anytime you're offering a service for people and creating jobs at the same time, the benefits outweigh the risks. Over the past 12 years, Jon has built a thriving small business that specializes in home, office and commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning is considered an area of cleaning of a rental building as well as heavy duty construction cleaning after a brand new building is completed. Spotless also offers expert carpet and upholstery steam cleaning for residents and commercial spaces. Jon's philosophy towards his own life is without doubt, represented in the way he runs his business: by showing up on time, working hard each day, being kind and fair to customers and employees and following through on his word. What’s helped him strike that balance, has been the relationship he’s had with his brother and the special needs community. Jon’s brother Jarrett has Down syndrome. They’ve always had a close relationship and Jon, Jarrett, along with their father Jack, have also been very involved with Special Olympics, both as coaches and Jarrett as a player. Jon has taken many cues on life as a result of being around all Special Olympic athletes. Their warmth, graciousness and can-do attitude are both inspiring and infectious. Along with his passion for serving the community, Jon also enjoys interests outside of work: surfing, basketball, films, literature, contemporary art, playing guitar and most importantly, the relationship he shares with his younger brother. He has earned his laurels by persevering through the ups and downs that come with being a small business owner and believes that the peaks and valleys should always be kept in perspective. When you're booking with Spotless Cleaning, you're not just hiring a cleaning company. You're working together with a trusted member of the community whose capable, reliable and professional team is available for same day appointments with the utmost customer service to match. Visit their website:

Or call for a free estimate: (201) 575-2277

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