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  • John William Gray of Done Rite Carpet Care

Trick to Remove Spots on Carpet

Ever wonder why spots that were removed "magically" re-appear? Here’s how to treat them to stop them from affecting your carpet.

Re-appearing spots on your carpet can be very frustrating, but don't fret, there's an easy way to prevent and correct these common eyesores, while prolonging the life and beauty of your carpet.

Follow these steps, and you'll start preventing and fixing those re-appearing spots, dramatically cut your carpet cleaning costs, reduce your need for future professional carpet care, and have an always clean and soft carpet without paying one cent.

What you'll need

• Wet/dry vacuum

• White terry cloth towel

• Empty hand trigger spray bottle

• Ordinary soda water

How to permanently clean spots on carpet

1. Vacuum the spill or spot with a wet/dry vac.

2. Fill a clean spray bottle with ordinary soda water.

3. Fold the terry cloth towel in half and then in half again.

4. Spray the spot with soda water. Use the amount you’d use if you were using an over-the-counter spot remover.

5. Place the terry cloth towel over the damp spot, and step on it with one foot using all of your weight. Twist a little.

6. Lift the towel, turn it over, and step on it again with one foot and all your weight. Twist a little, and the spot will be gone. If it’s not, simply repeat steps 4 through 6.

Are stain remover sprays bad for your floor?

Consumers who use over-the-counter spot cleaning tactics lose money because the carpet struggles to stay clean from the first attempt on.

In fact, spot cleaning this way leads to a bigger crisis called “soil magnet syndrome.” Unfortunately, that’s usually the beginning of the end, and ultimately it’s what causes consumers to lose confidence in their carpet and replace the floor covering way before its time.

Re-appearing spots might look like ordinary carpet stains, but they are nothing of the sort. What re-appears and affects your carpet isn't your original spot. That spot is gone. What you see is the left behind cleanser from the spotting agent that absorbed deep into the base of your carpet fibers and has now wicked to the surface again. How many applications of over-the-counter spotter one applies dictates how many soap spots or rings will surface.

Once this cycle starts, it’s hard to escape. Eventually, consumers blame it on the carpet, but the carpet isn't the problem. It's the spot cleaning model that some consumers originally buy into that has to change. Why? Because the carpet is made to be stain resistant, not soap resistant.

That's why this spot removal tip is so valuable! Adopt this care model, and you'll work smarter instead of harder and stop small issues from developing into costly and frustrating crisis.

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