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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Spring is here! If you live in the Northeast US, you certainly felt the severity of this past winter and it’s oh so nice to welcome the good weather.

My wife and I have been able to start our spring cleaning in our yard and in the house and it just feels really good to open up the windows and doors and to spend some quality time enjoying the outdoors.

We actually moved to our house in the mountains last August so this is our first spring in our new home and we are loving our outdoor time

Well, if you can spring-clean your home, I wanted to present some spring cleaning tips for the office too. To be honest, I do a really good job in cleaning my desktop and my immediate work area on a regular basis. What I have a problem with at times are with my desk drawers. I recently opened up one of my cubicle drawers and it was filled to the rim with basically junk.

It was stuff that simply had accumulated over the years of working at the same company for 17 years. I had stuff in there from when my kids were little and they used to draw and paint stuff for Dada (that’s what they called me and even though they are both in their 20s they still do). I do keep a lot of the things that they have made for me over the years but there are times when you just have to bite the bullet and throw some of it away.

I also had a bunch of CDs of software applications that I had from years gone by since I work in the IT field. Today, you basically download any software from a website and there really isn’t a need to have the CD on-hand anymore. So, I basically just threw all of those away. If you look closely at the picture on the right above you will see that my bucket next to my drawer is filled to the rim. I’m sure the cleaners didn’t like me when they came to clean the buckets that night.

Clean up your Office Floor

Sometimes you just end up storing excess boxes, papers, or books on the floor in an office. I know I had a box with books and project files that I brought from a previous company and I kept it right on the floor of my office cubicle. I made it a point to clear out the box, put any of the books that I could use in my overhead bin in my cubicle, and threw out most of the stuff that I will never use. Try keeping the floor clear of clutter and, once you do, the footprint of your office might just appear bigger.

Clean out your overhead storage bin

If you have a typical cubicle, as I do, you probably have an overhead storage bin. I store my books, my hand-crank burr coffee grinder, coffee, and many other odds and ends in this unique cubicle storage area. You can see that my storage bin needs some work!

Like my cubicle drawers just because it is hidden doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be clean inside. The problem with my overhead storage bin is that I usually have it open during the day. You can certainly see that my storage bin needs some more work and I plan on cleaning it up this week!

I hope you can use these spring cleaning tips for the office in your own work area. If you make it a point to stay on top of it throughout the year, maybe in the springtime you can just concentrate on your home and not your office!

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