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Vaccum Cleaner


is a process that is begun by moving most furniture items out of the way and then passing a strong vacuum over the effected rug to lift up loose dirt and debris. 
The rug is then pre-treated with a solution that is appropriate and safe for the type of fiber the carpet contains. 
The carpet is then agitated manually, in order to break up the deeply embedded dirt and grime, usually where the 'bad-to-breathe-in' stuff lives.
Finally, our powerful extractor machine is then used to collect and eliminate that loose dirt, debris, and moisture. 
Leaving you with a fresh and disinfected carpet that the whole family can roll around on and safely enjoy!

Fur Carpet


Our low moisture offering is also effective. This approach entails many of the same steps, moving furniture and running a vacuum over effected area, pre-treating and agitating, with a real focus on the high traffic parts of the carpet.
The difference from the hot water method is that we apply a dry compound formula which allows dirt and grime to collect and come together. 
Then our rotating brush machine is used to counter rotate, agitate, and collect the compounded dirt and grime. Advantage is a quick dry time.

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Carpet Cleaning Methods: Our Services
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